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We’re proud of our history of over 60 years of butchering, and longer ago still wholesaling from Glasgow Meat Market. Farming too is woven through our families’ histories. But time doesn’t stand still and neither do we – yet at the same time as innovating with products to make our customers’ lives easier and tastier – we strive to maintain the things that matter – the things that mark out local high street butchers: a knowledge of what we sell, and as importantly what to do with it; a keen interest in the customers and communities we serve; and a desire to pass on butchering knowledge to a new generation of apprentices so that the craft of butchering can last another sixty years and more.

We believe very strongly that we are local butchers and greengrocers who deliver rather than the current trend for delivery companies who offer meat and greengrocery products. That means that our delivery range is limited to the areas we serve. We’re not advocates of delivering food by courier as we’re still fortunate to have some great high street butchers. Of course we’d be delighted to see you in either of our shops should you be in the area, but if you’re visiting this site from far afield, please visit www.craftbutchers.co.uk and you’ll find a Scottish Craft Butcher near you who shares our values and commitment to their local community.

Christie Butchers In Glasgow Evening Times in 1954

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