Welcome Back Friends from Hardgate

Gold Breakfast Bonanza BoxAlthough our shop in Hardgate has closed, this doesn’t mean we’re away and it certainly doesn’t mean we have forgotten about our loyal friends in Hardgate!!! Since you can’t come to us – we’re coming to you! Over the past nine months we’ve been busy developing our website and delivery system. You can now order online with free daily delivery*.

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Let’s Cook For Mum

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and it’s nearly time to celebrate. A quick discussion amongst us all in the shops showed a bit of despair about the commercialisation of it all and a sadness for the slow demise of the family meal – so here’s your opportunity to reverse that. Let’s cook for mum!

Our tips on cooking the perfect roast beef

We’re offering 15% off silverside and topside – the classic roast beef joints – to encourage everyone to sit down to a family meal this Sunday. They’re both a doddle to cook, so you don’t need to fret over that, and we’ll give you plenty advice if you’re worried. The offer runs from Thursday to Saturday in both Broomhill and Bearsden.


National Butchers Week

To celebrate National Butchers’ Week (13th-19th March) we’ve got a different special offer everyday to encourage you to cook something different – go online or to your bookshelves and find a recipe you’ve always wanted to try or something you’ve not cooked for ages – and give it a go. Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Tuesday – Five chicken fillets for a fiver – make a curry from scratch or your own schnitzels!
  • Wednesday – Fifteen percent off on steak mince, shoulder steak and braising steak – dig out your slow cooker or make some bolognaise or chilli for the freezer.
  • Thursday – Pork fillets for only £9.99/kg – save over 20% on our free range pork fillets and enjoy one of the best value meat cuts you’ll find.
  • Friday – Pope’s Eye steaks for only £3.99 each – get stuck in to the weekend with a great tasting steak, or slice it up for stir fries or stroganoff.
  • Saturday – We’re giving 10% of all our lamb loins and gigots – so that’s lamb chops, roasts, racks – the lot! However you want it cut there’s 10% off!