Lamb for Easter – a Christie Favourite

Spring has – just about – sprung

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better – this is all relative, of course – and so Easter is nearly upon us. Lamb is now the meat of choice for Easter Sunday meals, but it wasn’t always so. Turkey used to be a firm favourite, especially when Christmas wasn’t quite the meal celebration it has now become and beef is a perennial favourite for family events, so what to eat? Let’s look at lamb first.

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How to cook the perfect Roast Beef

Cooking the perfect roast beef – the classic British family roast – is a doddle to do.

The key to cooking the perfect roast beef is sealing your roast all over first. This locks in the flavour and gives it a nicer appearance. Pot roasting without sealing runs the risk of a joint reminiscent of school dinners. You also need to let it rest at the end of cooking to reabsorb moisture and firm up.

The most common roasts are silverside, topside, point of rump and salmon cut. All can be oven roasted, pot roasted or both.

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