National Butchers Week

To celebrate National Butchers’ Week (13th-19th March) we’ve got a different special offer everyday to encourage you to cook something different – go online or to your bookshelves and find a recipe you’ve always wanted to try or something you’ve not cooked for ages – and give it a go. Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Tuesday – Five chicken fillets for a fiver – make a curry from scratch or your own schnitzels!
  • Wednesday – Fifteen percent off on steak mince, shoulder steak and braising steak – dig out your slow cooker or make some bolognaise or chilli for the freezer.
  • Thursday – Pork fillets for only £9.99/kg – save over 20% on our free range pork fillets and enjoy one of the best value meat cuts you’ll find.
  • Friday – Pope’s Eye steaks for only £3.99 each – get stuck in to the weekend with a great tasting steak, or slice it up for stir fries or stroganoff.
  • Saturday – We’re giving 10% of all our lamb loins and gigots – so that’s lamb chops, roasts, racks – the lot! However you want it cut there’s 10% off!