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Introducing the Butcher’s Mate

We’re thrilled to introduce Davie – “The Butcher’s Mate!” This cheeky chappy is the undisputed bbq champion of the world and we’re absolutely delighted to have him share his hints and tips.

Our Butcher’s Mate is a master of the grill, and he knows that the perfect BBQ starts with the right equipment. In his section, he’ll share his thoughts on the pros and cons of gas vs charcoal BBQs, and provide insights on which type of grill is best suited to your cooking style.

He’ll also delve into the latest BBQ technologies, from temperature control systems to rotisserie attachments, smokers and offer advice on which ones are worth investing in. Whether you’re a traditionalist or a gadget enthusiast, our Butcher’s Mate has got you covered.

The Enjoyment of Cooking

But it’s not just about the equipment – our Butcher’s Mate believes that the key to a great BBQ is in the ingredients.

He’ll share his tips on how to select the best meats, from marbling and tenderness to flavour profiles and cooking times.

He’ll also provide advice on selecting the perfect vegetables, herbs, and spices to create mouth-watering sides and salads.

Our Butcher’s Mate’s section is all about making the most of your hosting experience. He’ll share his secrets on how to create the perfect marinades, rubs, and sauces, and how to achieve the perfect sear and char on your meats. He’ll also provide guidance on how to carve and serve your dishes, and how to make the most of leftovers.

But most of all, our Butcher’s Mate is all about creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere where everyone can enjoy great food and good company.

So, whether you’re a seasoned BBQ pro or a newbie, our Butcher’s Mate has something for everyone. Join us on this fun journey and learn how to become the ultimate party host and BBQ king. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our Butcher’s Mate, and don’t forget to grab a cold one!

So join us on this delicious journey and learn how to become the ultimate BBQ and roast master. Stay tuned for more updates from our Butcher’s Mate, and get ready to grill and roast like a pro!

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