Christmas Order during Covid

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Update Thursday 10th December 2020

We had planned to take orders for Christmas up to this Saturday (12th December), however such has been the level of demand that we sold out of festive poultry some time ago and have thus decided to stop today, Thursday 10th. Both our shops are operating as normal up to and including Christmas Eve and will have plenty on offer if you care to pop in, but we have to be sensible about the number of orders we take and our ability to fulfill them.

Please note all our turkeys have sold out

Our Hogmanay order form is now online

Thank you for your understanding.



You probably had plans for 2020, but COVID-19 has stripped back the horizon for many of us. Whether the virus’s impact has been merely an inconvenience or a tragedy, we have all felt its effects. I had hoped this year was going to see us take a huge leap forward for the business but instead we’ve spent months in masks, with restricted numbers of customers permitted within the shops and challenging trading conditions.

This isn’t going to be a normal Christmas.

That said, we’re determined to make this as good a Christmas as we can. We’ve delayed the launch of our Christmas products to try to absorb as much as possible of the fast-changing environment we’re all having to live within and we’ve made changes to how we normally do things to make sure we can offer as much as we can. All our turkeys, chickens, geese and ducks are ordered, but the reality is that supply is much tighter than ever before: with more families looking like celebrating apart and our friends in the hospitality industry unlikely to be offering much in the way of Christmas lunches, it’s inevitable that demand will be greater than normal.

Please PLEASE order early. I normally have some leeway to increase my poultry order, but have already been told that’s impossible – once we’ve sold our stock I’m afraid that’s it.

Ordering too will need to be different this year. Due to the limited number of customers we can allow in the shops and the need to minimise customer-staff contact time, all orders will need to be placed online or via our dedicated telephone order line. We CANNOT take orders in the shop. Similarly, we will have to revise order collections as we simply cannot process the number of collections through the shops as in previous years with the requirements of physical distancing. Collection from the Broomhill shop is likely to be from outside the shop. For Bearsden customers, it is likely to be very close by, but we will confirm that well before collection.

Currently only our festive product range is available to order online. You will have a new and convenient order form to make it easy to place your order.

We would encourage you, where possible, to shop early. Circumstances demand we have curtailed the offering in our catalogue, but we will have an extended range available throughout December for home freezing. We’re not expecting any supply issues, but this year you never really know.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to shop with us during such a turbulent and challenging period and ask that, if you can, you support our neighbouring shops in Bearsden and Broomhill. We are fortunate to be surrounded by independent retailers supplying good products well and they’re a vital part of the high street we all hope to enjoy in the better times that must surely lie ahead.

Head over to the Christmas Order Form

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