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Quality Food, Quality Time: Traditional Sunday Roasts are the Perfect Occasion to Bring Friends and Family Together

We may have been eating roast dinners since the time of Henry VIII, but the humble roast is still the perfect choice for a modern family focal point! Sunday roasts: tempting now, cherished forever A regular roast dinner is a great excuse to gather your loved ones together. Whether you’re bringing a moment of calm …

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Get Your Grill On: Exploring the World of BBQs in Scotland

Hey there, it’s the Butcher’s Mate, and I’ve got something sizzling for you today – a showdown between two of the most popular BBQ technologies out there: charcoal and gas grills. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just starting out, choosing the right grill can make all the difference in your BBQ game. In …

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The best bbq in town

The Art of Barbecue: Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Grill

Hey there, it’s the Butcher’s Mate, and I’m fired up to share my tips on how to get the very best results from your BBQ. Trust me, I’ve seen it all – from undercooked chicken to burnt sausages – but fear not, because with my help, you’ll be the ultimate BBQ hero. So, grab a …

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Introducing the Butcher’s Mate

We’re thrilled to introduce Davie – “The Butcher’s Mate!” This cheeky chappy is the undisputed bbq champion of the world and we’re absolutely delighted to have him share his hints and tips. Our Butcher’s Mate is a master of the grill, and he knows that the perfect BBQ starts with the right equipment. In his …

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Harrisa Lamb Shoulder

Utterly delicious, super-simple, fall-off-the-bone tender lamb dish covered with the richness of Harissa Paste If you like Harissa and lamb, then you will love this recipe. It is super easy with little fuss, and the best bit about it is you just leave it in the oven and when you take it out, the meat …

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Chump Chops with Coriander Pesto

Delicious marinaded Lamb (chump) chops with a coriander pesto It’s actually one of our favourites and tastes amazing ! The pesto can also be adapted to use mint and different nuts but the coriander one is a favourite in our house with roast chicken! Linda – The Butcher’s Wife You can see this being prepared on our …

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Introducing “The Butcher’s Wife”

Photo Credit: The Daily Record We are thrilled to introduce you to “The Butcher’s Wife” section of our website! If you’ve ever been to our shop, you’ll know that our family is passionate about great food and cooking. That’s why we are excited to share some of our favourite recipes, cooking tips, and suggestions with …

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Lamb for Easter – a Christie Favourite

Spring has – just about – sprung The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better – this is all relative, of course – and so Easter is nearly upon us. Lamb is now the meat of choice for Easter Sunday meals, but it wasn’t always so. Turkey used to be a firm favourite, …

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Our Favourite Marmalade Recipe

Our favourite marmalade recipe for when oranges are in season ‘Bitters’ as they are known – and trust me, having made the once in a lifetime mistake of trying one, they’re named that for a good reason – are the essential component of good marmalade. Eating oranges just don’t work the same. Marmalade is really …

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Scottish Free Range Bronze Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

Let’s talk Turkey – as in the bird, not the country… or the poem by Benjamin Zephaniah for that matter! Our turkeys are Kelly Bronze turkeys which are bred slowly and are over twice the age of a standard intensive turkey. Maturity has the biggest single impact on flavour. A Kelly Bronze has well marbled …

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Beef Mince

It’s a date! Why we have shorter use-by dates

It’s a date… Before we launched the website to the good people of Bearsden and Broomhill (and the surrounding areas) we thought we had better ask some folk to try the site out and for us to make sure we were on the ball with delivery. One comment that came back from a self-confessed supermarket …

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How to cook the perfect Roast Beef

Cooking the perfect roast beef – the classic British family roast – is a doddle to do. The key to cooking the perfect roast beef is sealing your roast all over first. This locks in the flavour and gives it a nicer appearance. Pot roasting without sealing runs the risk of a joint reminiscent of school …

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