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Quality Food, Quality Time: Traditional Sunday Roasts are the Perfect Occasion to Bring Friends and Family Together

We may have been eating roast dinners since the time of Henry VIII, but the humble roast is still the perfect choice for a modern family focal point!

Sunday roasts: tempting now, cherished forever

A regular roast dinner is a great excuse to gather your loved ones together. Whether you’re bringing a moment of calm to lots of busy lives happening under one roof, welcoming home children who’ve flown the coop, or building new traditions with neighbours and friends, the memories made around your table will be the ones looked back on for a lifetime.

The roast also offers an ideal opportunity for little fingers to get involved! Kids and grandkids can be introduced to cooking basics with fun tasks like mashing potatoes, making gravy, and mixing batter for the indispensable Yorkshire puddings.

Traditional food for modern living

As much as may have changed in our four decades in business, the Sunday roast has stood the test of time, and is ideally suited to many of the changed ways we prepare and eat our food.

Looking for the perfect dish to get the most bang from your buck in that shiny new pressure cooker, air fryer or slow cooker? It’s a roast dinner.

Hoping to save time and money by batch cooking at the weekend and enjoying leftovers throughout the week? Allow a few extra portions when creating a roast dinner.

Trying to eat locally sourced fresh beef or stay sustainable with a rotating selection of seasonal veg? You can do all this and more with, you guessed it, a roast dinner!

Top tip from the team:

A family favourite like a roast dinner is a great anchor dish when you are looking to expand your repertoire in the kitchen. Changing just one element in the dish, like a new way with potatoes or a different dressing for the veg, can be a low-stakes way to keep things interesting.

Roast dinners made easy.

We make it easy for you to sit down to a satisfying roast with your nearest and dearest. You can visit us in our shops in Bearsden or Broomhill of course or why not visit our online shop and order one of our Sunday Roast Boxes. They contain everything you need for a delicious dinner: your choice of a full ready to cook chicken (approx. 4lb) or a rolled topside of beef (approx. 1kg). As well as your main, the Sunday Roast Boxes contain a rich chicken or beef gravy and pre-washed potatoes, carrots, and broccoli for a fresh and balanced feast.

Our online store makes ordering your Sunday Roast Box a breeze, with a choice of delivery dates. And don’t forget, when you order online you save 10% on the multi-packs and 15% on the boxes compared to the over-the-counter price.

Our expert butchers will be happy to help with any questions you have on selecting or cooking the ideal cut and making the most of your roast.

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