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Lamb for Easter – a Christie Favourite

Spring has – just about – sprung

The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better – this is all relative, of course – and so Easter is nearly upon us.

Lamb is now the meat of choice for Easter Sunday meals, but it wasn’t always so. Turkey used to be a firm favourite, especially when Christmas wasn’t quite the meal celebration it has now become and beef is a perennial favourite for family events, so what to eat? Let’s look at lamb first.

Lamb Gigot

The traditional option is a lamb gigot, oven roasted with seasonal vegetables – British cabbage and asparagus are in the perfect season for Easter this year. The downside is that it’s a sod to carve, cutting along the line of the bone and so with the grain of the meat and not against it – but help is at hand! We’re happy to tunnel-bone your gigot for you.

This means we slacken the bone from the meat but leave it in place so that after you’ve roasted and have all the taste benefits of roasting on the bone, you just pop the bone out and carve across the grain. It really makes all the difference. We can also butterfly your gigot for you.

This is great for marinating and makes cooking quicker. It’s also great on a BBQ.

Lamb Racks

Lamb racks, of any size from two to seven chops look and taste great. We can French trim them for extra presentational appeal, or put two together as a guard of honour for a stuffing to be placed between them. Equally, we can make the racks into a crown to allow the centre to be stuffed. This really does make you look like a Masterchef contender, and yet it’s really easy to do.

The Christie Lamb Favourite

Or why not choose the Christie family favourite: a partially boned lamb shoulder marinated in olive oil and crushed olives and studded with rosemary and garlic. Slow-roasted in the oven this is sensational, especially with homemade pesto. We offer these (uncooked of course and you’ll have to make your own pesto, but we’re happy to give you the recipe) for £30 and at around 2.5k they’ll easily feed 8-10. Oven ready you just let them come to room temperature for an hour before roasting at 150C for three to four hours.

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